What are Replacement Rewards and what are the options for them?

After each 30 day period, if you do not find an event you are interested in attending (or you've just been way too busy) you will get an option to choose a replacement reward. Note these options only apply to users that don't cancel their accounts as a first month free account. 


**IMPORTANT** After a 30-day monthly claim period goes unused, you get an additional 30 days to choose one of the above three replacement options. If by then you do not log-in to make a selection the system will automatically choose the first option: "rollover".  Unfortunately, once that happens we cannot reverse it. So be sure to claim your rewards each month!

Insiders: You will receive a pop-up notification reminding you of your replacement options.

You can also find this option in the profile menu by choosing "My Replacements".


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