How does Insiders work?

  1. Each 30 day period, our Insiders members can browse the website and choose from a long list of exciting events to use as their monthly claim. They will also receive an email with our recommended events and activities.
  2. Members can check out videos, pictures, and write ups of the events or head over to our blog and ask our team of experts for advice on what to do.
  3. The amount of tickets per claim vary from event to event (usually 2) but we always list how many tickets you get with your claim before you RSVP for it. We send you an email confirmation for the event you selected and provide detailed entry instructions if needed.
  4. Once members claim their first event of the 30 day period, they qualify for bonus claims. Pro tip: you get more by claiming early
  5. There is no risk! If after a 30 day period you don't find an event that peeks your interest, you can also select from the Replacement Reward Options for that monthly claim.


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