Who is Insiders for?

Insiders was designed for anyone who wants to explore San Francisco. Some of our main use cases:

Couples: There are all these services that cater to singles but not enough for people in relationships. Insiders is the solution to "stuck-in-a-rut syndrome" by sending you to outdoor parties with 40,000 lbs of tomato fighting action or all you can taste spirits fairs. Keeping your relationship interesting is just $20/month

Busy Professionals: Work hard, play hard. Sometimes, all the research-decision-purchase for going out is too much work. Insiders is simple. We remind you to get out, give you great options and get you the tickets for just $20/month.

Startup Folks: So you moved to San Francisco to start the next big thing? You need to hack your social life. Outsource the going out workload and experience unique amazing things in the offine world.

Students: Insiders is great value for students living in the greatest city ever. For 20 bucks you and your BFF can explore art shows, plays and more.

Company Benefits: Run a small company? Looking for a monthly team building activity or a sweet office perk. Contact for group rates.


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